'The book is an important contribution to the history of Amsterdam, in which the resurrection of bicycle use has not yet been described so fully, including the effect on urban development ideas and plans.'
'Also impressive is the number of campaigns and achievements, an example of "organic urbanism", a change in urban planning paradigm from the bottom up – something exceptional in the entire world.
Ton Schaap, Urbanist in Amsterdam

"It is the story of the creation of 'a dearer city'. The city in which the bike has evolved outcast to to main protagonist." Feddes about that: "That cyclist's paradise did not come naturally. Hard work is being done in paradise."
Hard werken aan het fietsparadijs, Karel Beckmans in Dagblad Nord Holland

"Anyone who, like me, visits the exhibition and goes through the informative book, realizes that he has hardly known anything about the bike." Fietsmoraal veranderen, Frits Abrahams, NRC, 2019-04-15

'For anyone involved in traffic and policy a "must read'. And a "must see" as well for many interesting photos and pictures.
Amsterdam fietsstad: hoe visies en modellen het mis kunnen hebben. Karin Broer, Verkeerskunde 2019 nr2

"What Bike City Amsterdam makes clear is that relatively pleasant and safe cycling in the capital has not always been a matter of course. The bicycle had to conquer the city on the car."
Hoe de fiets de auto uit Amsterdam verdreef, Parool, Maarten Moll

Bike City Amsterdam a rich book full of interesting facts, historical material, comparisons (with Copenhagen), street profiles, beautiful photos and images.
And a complete chapter about the narrowly won battle over the bicycle underpass under the Rijksmuseum.
Fietsberaad on Bike City Amsterdam

'Good range of topics, good summary of the history, vividly illustrated,
and a critical note in the right place.'
Clasien Slebos, Staff at Fietsersbond Amsterdam, 1986-1992