Since its foundation in 1976, the Fietsersbond Amsterdam (Cyclists’ Union, Amsterdam branch) has built up a unique archive on the struggle and policy for the cycling city. This archive is included in the Amsterdam City Archives in April 2019, thus ensuring its preservation and permanent accessibility. The archive was an important source for the book Fietsstad Amsterdam / Bike City Amsterdam and for the exhibition of the same name in the City Archives (5 April - 30 June 2019). The archive can be viewed at the city archives, the inventory of the archive can be seen here.

Many key documents discussed in the book can be consulted here in their entirety. See the list below. Note: all documents are in Dutch (English translation of the titles added between brackets).
More info and other documents can be found on the site of the Fietsersbond Amsterdam. Such as the OEK (Op Eigen Kracht – ‘Under Own Power’), the magazine of Fietsersbond Amsterdam, about policy, actions, facilities and culture of cycling. Editions of OEK from 2006 are here. The same site contains an archive of bicycle related files and news items.